Bioindustrial MII Proposers Day (FA8650-20-S-5028)

The Government will hold a Proposers’ Day for AFRL solicitation FA8650-20-S-5028 on Thursday, March 05, 2020 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202. The purpose of the Proposers’ Day is to familiarize potential proposers with the concept and vision for the Bioindustrial MII and the associated technology needs.  This Proposers Day is for informational purposes only and attendance is not a prerequisite for submitting a proposal.  It will provide, however, a valuable opportunity for potential proposers to ask questions and receive answers regarding the solicitation as well as to network with other interested proposers.

Participation is voluntary.  There is no fee to attend; the Government will not reimburse the attendees for any cost associated with participation.  In addition, the Government is under no obligation to award any related contract/agreement associated with this event.  No members of the press may attend.  Questions and answers from Proposers’ Day will be posted via an amended version of this FOA on FedBizOps and

Venue Information:  Crystal Gateway Marriott. Accessible via Metro.

Proposals Point of Contact (POC): Mary Ann Sharits, AFRL/RXKMC.  The alternative POC is Christina Smith.

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